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Honestly, fuck a consistent layout, every one of my pages is gonna be different if i want that.

CreaturesInside Pet, Zunder

↗️Looked like my oc, Zunder,
so i adopted it.

Hi, Welcome to Shroomite!

The site is a personal project that i'm working on, most pages are currently undone at this moment. I have a lot of ideas with limited time and knowledge, but i'm working hard to make this place a home 💪
Feel free to look around, read about and get to know me and my works! :D

⬅️This is my fursona, Saber. :]

Today's Song:

Currently feeling: The current mood of Bagoly at www.imood.com


To do:

  1. Draw species i designed.
  2. Put stuff into the Outerworlds tab.
  3. Finish fursuits. 👍 I have way too many things to do before college....
  4. Redraw the header of the main page.

Idk what to put here so Funfact:

I often whip out a Gordon Ramsay accent when i'm slightly annoyed about something. I just become a mad British...

That's about it. See ya.

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